Generic Viagra And Senior Relationships

October 1, 2010 by jthomas04  
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There has always been a common misconception when it comes to senior relationships. People often think that when you get old, sex should be the last thing on your mind and that men don’t have relationships in their 60′s or 70′s. This might have been true many years ago, but thanks to Sildenafil citrate medication, seniors can enjoy a healthy sex life regardless of their age. Read more

Generic Viagra For ED Related Depression

October 1, 2010 by lolitabay  
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Erectile dysfunction is not just about being unable to perform sexually. For a man, the condition goes much deeper. Men’s feelings or worth and value are often tied to their ability to have sexual intercourse. So, when this ability is gone, they often are left feeling worthless, unimportant, and usually take it out on themselves. They may shy away from personal relationships with women, afraid of being embarrassed sexually and even from personal relationships with close friends and family members, feeling inadequate. Worst of all, men usually don’t talk to anyone about their feels or their condition; they wrongly feel that no one will understand them. Read more

Generic Viagra For Women

October 1, 2010 by joelong  
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Generic Viagra is perhaps the most popular drug that has been developed in the last decades and it is for sure the revelation of the medical world of the last century. Sildenafil Citrate started being manufactured in the late 1990s and it was aimed to treat angina. Soon after it was developed, this substance appeared to be much more beneficial in the treatment of a condition that affects men of certain ages all over the world: erectile dysfunction. The wonder pill has rapidly increased in popularity and it didn’t take long until more and more studies were carried out in order to establish whether we can get more from this highly efficient drug than only treating erectile dysfunction. Read more