Out With Smoking, In With Sex Life

August 26, 2010 by evansmith  
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Many guys who are disappointed with their abilities in the bedroom may wish to look at their lifestyle habits to see if anything has an unwanted effect. There are many common activities that can influence sexual health. Excessive alcohol use, lack of exercise, and eating fatty foods can reduce the pleasure that is experienced during sexual activity. However, there is one activity that should be particularly avoided. Smoking cigarettes has been scientifically proven to affect the ability of a man to have sex. Read more

Make Me A Wedding Lover

August 17, 2010 by joelong  
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If you’ve been through a long and painful wedding, the chances are high that you know how terrible it can be. For that reason, when you begin planning your own wedding, there are a number of things you can do to make the event more appealing for your friends. Of course, you may need to work out things and compromise as your ideas could clash strongly with those of your future bride. However, creating the right situation for everyone to have fun will result in a wedding that everyone will remember. Read more

Unexpected Pubic Hair Trends

August 17, 2010 by jjadams  
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With the Metrosexual Manscaping revolution and an overall increased awareness of male grooming, many guys are making the decision to style or eliminate their pubic hair. Although many women regularly practice pubic hair grooming, many men are still unsure if this is the right decision for them. Keeping the pubic hair in perfect condition can take more work than a guy is normally used to. In addition, the number of grooming options that are now available to a guy can make the decision even harder. Read more

Etiquette At Work

August 17, 2010 by chris123  
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When a guy gets comfortable in a working situation, he may begin to bend the rules of office etiquette. These rules are in place for a reason and every guy needs to know how to separate his work and personal lives. When you cross the line at the office, you risk alienating yourself and even have your contract terminated in the worst of cases. By using the following tips, you should have a solid understanding of what is expected in the business environment. Read more

Surfer Chicks

August 13, 2010 by buddieboy  
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When it comes to girls, surfer chicks may just be the best group on the planet. The combination of a sexy body, a dark tan, and the right attitude is enough to attract almost any guy with half a brain. This mythical type of girl is laid back and is more into having a good time surfing than caring about the latest fashion styles or stupid television shows. She enjoys a cold beer, big waves, and isn’t afraid to get her feet wet. Found mostly in Australia and other surfing locales, surfer chicks have many assets that can bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Read more

Telling Her You Are Not Interested

August 3, 2010 by jthomas04  
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As you are a guy, there will be very few times when you will need to tell a girl that you are simply not interested. Men are generally pretty open when it comes to meeting new women and exploring new opportunities, but sometimes being open is just not enough. You know that you are not interested in having a relationship with the girl and the situation requires that you tell her so as not to give her any false hope. Read more

Hair Removal Trends In Men

August 3, 2010 by infochad  
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Current fashion trends say excessive body hair on men is definitely out. While this style was popular back in the 70′s, times have changed and many women now are looking for a man that takes care of how he looks. By trimming up on a regular basis or removing the hair completely, a man is sure to present himself better. A girl will respect a man that takes the time to perform this bothersome task and will see him as someone who cares about his personal appearance. Towards this end, there are a number of different methods that are being used for male hair removal. Read more

Dating Young Can Backfire On You

August 3, 2010 by chris  
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As men get older, the desire to date younger women grows stronger and stronger. If a group of thirty-something men were asked the ideal age for a woman they would like to date, the overwhelming response would be a significantly younger woman, most likely in the 18-24 range. There are a number of explanations for this phenomenon, but these relationships very rarely work in the long run. Read more

Why You Want To Be Like Idris Elba

July 29, 2010 by admin  
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There are very few male celebrities in the world that can adequately serve as role models. The pressures of fame and fortune often take their toll and even the seemingly most incorruptible of personalities make mistakes. On the other hand, there are men like Idris Elba. With his laid back style and serious talent, this British actor exemplifies the class and dignity that today’s film industry should strive for. Read more

Screening Online Dating Profiles

July 29, 2010 by jthomas04  
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With the internet invading nearly every facet of a man’s life, new rules are being created for how a man goes about meeting and dating women. Facebook, chatting, and e-mails are only a few of the ways that the dating game has changed. However, the biggest is in the prevalence of online dating sites. The main advantage that these sites offer is that you get to meet and know the person before ever seeing them in real life. While this is a great boon to dating in general, women are constantly guilty about making some mistakes while dating online. Read more

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