Retire? Well, Maybe Next Year - From A Maddage Therapist

“Take this time to be quiet; this is your time, your time for rejuvenation and regeneration” these familiar words come from Esther as she begins my massage.

So, for maybe the 314th time Esther ‘the Master’ begins the therapeutic magic that she does so well. Receiving consistent massages from a favorite therapist is indeed a joy, and I reap the rewards of her determination to keep working at age 85.

Esther is my ‘Extreme Mentor’ she and I have enjoyed this relationship for nearly 20 years. The first time Esther’s healing touch gave me comfort was in 1986. The day my father was killed in an auto-accident, she came to my mom’s house and gave each of us a chair massage. It was better than a casserole. I was hooked. Esther became my massage therapist for stress release and reduction of minor aches and pain.

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