Migraine - New Study Supports Importance Of Considering Gastric Stasis

January 30th, 2006

Data from a newly published study in the current issue of Headache indicates that migraine sufferers experience gastric stasis, or the delayed emptying of the stomach, both during and outside of a migraine attack, and that contrary to previous belief, gastric stasis did not worsen during an acute attack. This data may suggest that migraine sufferers arephysiologically different in this regard than non-migraine sufferers. In addition, the data may also yield key clinical insights as the presence of gastric stasis, a physiologic phenomenon previously thought to only occur in migraine patients during an acute attack, may interfere with patients getting fast pain relief.

Gastric stasis is a common occurrence in migraine sufferers that can slow the disintegration and absorption of medicines in the stomach, and potentially limit the efficacy of medicine that is swallowed. This study shows that gastric stasis appears to be a feature of the disease (migraine) rather than an event that is triggered during an acute attack.

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Arginine, Is This Natural Viagra?

January 30th, 2006

Arginine, Is This Natural Viagra?

Recent studies have indicated that the dietary supplement L-Arginine works in your body to produce a compound, Nitric Oxide which is used by the male reproductive system to stimulate an erection. The compound, L-Arginine, is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in our muscle and cell tissue. Although our diets provide a fair amount of this amino acid, dietary supplementation has been shown to be effective in treating low levels of erectile dysfunction. Subsequently, Arginine seems to be the bodys natural Viagra.

The supplement itself seems to be effective, and vitamin companies are fighting to develop products to exploit its effectiveness. Many nutritional products that now boast treatment of erectile dysfunction contain high levels of Arginine with a myriad of other compounds.
So what does this mean? Is Arginine an effective alternative to Viagra? Well, the answer is yes and no. Unlike Viagra, Arginine supplementation will not bypass the normal stimulation mechanism and cause an immediate erection. You will still need the mental, visual, and physical stimuli to incite and erection. It will however aid in the ease of erection and has been shown to be effective in patients with mile erectile dysfunction. In addition, for those currently using Viagra, the addition of Arginine supplementation in the diet has shown to be beneficial in making the Viagra more effective.

Subsequently, Arginine can be helpful even if you still need to rely on Viagra.

In summary, Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that we can take as a dietary supplement. The interaction of the compound in our body helps to create Nitric Oxide which is necessary in the development of a male erection. Although not a complete substitute for Viagra, the compound can help mild dysfunction and increase the performance of Viagra for those that must rely on the pharmaceutical.

ADB To Help Fight Communicable Diseases In Indonesia, Malaysia, And Philippines

January 24th, 2006

A US$1.2 million Asian Development Bank (ASX: ATB) technical assistance (TA) grant will help Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines fight the spread of communicable and infectious diseases and to achieve the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The recent outbreaks of severe emerging infectious diseases such as SARS and more recently H5N1 avian influenza have focused attention on the weakness of epidemiological surveillance and response systems in developing countries and the heightened vulnerability of people living in Asia.

The TA will strengthen the surveillance and preparedness systems of the three countries so that they can better detect and respond to these and other diseases.

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ED Generic drugs - a sure cure for erectile dysfunction

January 24th, 2006

The market of generic drugs is growing in leaps and bounds with each passing day. The generic version of Viagra and other ED drugs are providing a breakthrough treatment for male erectile dysfunction often termed as impotence. The most attractive fact about generic ED drugs is their affordability as their price is much cheaper as compared to their patent version.

ED generic drugs have become a tempting option for numerous sufferers of the disease because they provide you the same benefit as compared to a prescription drug. The FDA approved generic drugs for erectile dysfunction are no means inferior to branded versions such as Viagra or Cialis. The best part about ED generic drugs is that due to their cheaper pricing, they are able to reach to a wide range of people.

The important function of these ED drugs is that they increase the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. A man must be sexually stimulated to fully derive the benefits of these generic drugs. Sexual stimulation combined with erection can make your sexual experience an ultimate one. It helps in bringing spice back into your life.

A proper treatment of ED enhances your sexual health. More than 20 million men around the world use ED generic drugs regularly. But there are certain things which you need to take care of while using these magical drugs such as Kamagra and Caverta. Avoid taking it with a big meal or after alcohol. You’re suppose to wait for an hour before attempting to have sex. It’ll make your sexual endeavor more entertaining and fruitful.

Always remember that the ED drugs are not an antidote for sexually transmitted diseases like STD, AIDS, and Hepatitis. Never share these drugs with anyone because all of us have a different medical history and everyone has his or her own unique medical preferences. So use these drugs in the best possible way to derive maximum benefit from it.

Natural Alternatives to Viagra with Ellen Kamhi

January 23rd, 2006

Holistic Medicine expert Dr. Ellen Kamhi discusses her views on the latest alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction.

The opinions expressed by Ellen Kamhi are hers and hers alone. If you have questions about your health, you should consult with your personal physician. This event is meant for informational purposes only.

Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live’s Sexual Health Auditorium. Today we are discussing Natural Alternatives to Viagra, with Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, HNC.

Ellen Kamhi, nationally-known as “The Natural Nurse,” is the co-author of The Natural Medicine Chest, Arthritis: The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, and Cycles of Life: Herbs and Energetics for Women. She is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and is Nationally Board Certified as a Holistic Nurse (HNC). Dr. Kamhi has been involved in the field of Natural Medicine for over 30 years. She attended Rutgers and Cornell University, and sat on the Panel Of Traditional Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical School. Dr. Kamhi has practiced holistic medicine for the last 15 years with Serafina Corsello, M.D., as Head Nurse of Diagnostics and Natural Interventions at the Corsello Centers for Complementary Medicine in New York.

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Get the Excitement with Cialis - The Generic Wonder Drug

January 23rd, 2006

Sex & Passion is one of the most integral parts of our lives. It has been there since the day Adam set his eyes on an apple and savored it. Thanks to Adam, since that day men have never been able to take rest and are continuously deployed to achieve a better performance in order to satiate both his as well his partner’s urge to sex.

There have been a lot of factors that are a cause of being a barrier to our sex lives like growing age, hormonal imbalances, society, illness, money and many other things, but none of those have been powerful enough to sustain the Sex flow. There have been many alternatives like herbs, meditation, yoga, drugs but none of them have that extra thing to help men from his impotency or in medical terms-erectile dysfunction. The search of that extra has led to the discovery of special wonder drugs like Cialis & Viagra.

Erectile Dysfunction- which is popularly known as Impotence, ED is actully the inability of a man to sustain an erection and retain it for a sufficient period of time needed to attain a sexual satisfaction. There are a lot of reasons that causes ED like many psychological factors, hormonal factors, arterial or muscular factors. The diseases associated with it are Diabetes Mellitus, Major Depression, etc.

Current News Of Prostate Cancer

January 20th, 2006

Two variations in the gene for insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) are linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer, according to research performed by scientists from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, and the University of Hawaii.

“Our results suggest that inherited variation in IGF1 may play a role in prostate cancer risk,” write the researchers in a paper published in the January 18, 2006, issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

USC scientists on this research team included: Iona Cheng, who was first author on the paper; Daniel Stram, Ph.D., professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School and the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center; Malcolm Pike, Ph.D., professor preventive medicine at the Keck School and USC/Norris; and Keck School of Medicine Dean Brian E. Henderson, M.D., who is also a distinguished professor in preventive medicine and neurology and the Kenneth T. Norris Jr. Chair in Cancer Prevention.

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Erectile Dysfunction And Mental Illness ? Are They Related?

January 20th, 2006

Mental illness or depression is associated with Erectile Dysfunction. According to a survey, 82% of men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction also suffered from depression. Depression can certainly reduce sexual desire but it is not always clear which condition comes first. But the negative thinking associated with depression can affect the erectile power of a person.

It has been found that in majority of cases where impotence has been detected, the major factor responsible for the problem is the emotional issue that can affect men’s self esteem and relationship. Negative emotion can and does perpetuate the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Many men tend to fault themselves for their impotence even if it is clearly caused by physical problems over which they have little or no control.

Erectile Dysfunction is a serious problem, which affects the sexual life of a person. The problem does have a wide impact on the self-esteem and ego of a person. A person starts to think differently which in turn leads to psychological disorder among people. Different kinds of feelings start to haunt the life of a person suffering from the twin disorder. He is shy to discuss the problem with a doctor or even with his partner. The deficiency leads to negative thinking among people and they become circumspect towards their future sex life.

To cope with this problem, Viagra people have come up strongly to counter the problem and provide a drug that could restore the sexual glory of those who lost all hopes of better sex life. The drug called Viagra has been in the market for over seven years now and it has done wonders with many patients suffering from the dreaded dysfunction.

A wide variety of Erectile Dysfunction drugs are available in the market. Three oral drugs are already in the market by the names of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which are approved by FDA.

Viagra does cure the dysfunction but there has to be some precautions well in place before consuming the drug. Better communication among people suffering from the dysfunction would ensure a healthy treatment for the disease. The doctors ask questions about the patient’s medical history and the symptoms involved with Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra does have some side effects, which must be kept in mind before and after consuming the drug. So, a prior consultation would keep you safe against potential side effects and problems.

Healthy sex is the essence of a happy life

January 17th, 2006

A healthy sex life indicates a healthy physical life. Good or fulfilling sex is only possible when we’re at the best of our mental and physical health and devoid of sexual ailments such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. Sex is a delicate issue which needs lots of nurture and care. Hence, it is crucial to work on our sexual relationship. We need to spend quality time with each other, say meaningful things to each other, and say things that the partner likes to hear to make our sexual relationship a pleasant one.

Proper planning is very necessary to before planning for sex as it keeps both mentally prepared and also makes the partners create time for it. If it tends to get very exhausting by the end of the day then you can make some time for it in the morning. It is not always essential to follow the same routine each time the couple has sex. Always remember that intercourse is not the only sexual activity required. There are many other ways of getting pleasure. You only need to try new methods and techniques.

Always remember that it’s very important for all of us to focus on the eroticism of the moment during any form of sexual activity. Any sort of distraction in erotic focus can kill the essence of a beautiful sexual experience. It can also lead to difficulty with erection, premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation in men, vaginal dryness in women, and difficulty in achieving orgasm for both. So, keep your sexual desire focused and try to attain those desires by heart and soul.

If you face any sort of erection difficulty while performing sex then make sure to get it checked by your doctor. If it’s a case of erectile dysfunction then ED such as Caverta and Kamagra can of great help. So, get yourself treated with the available ED generic drugs to make your sex life worthwhile.

January 16th, 2006

Athlete’s foot treatment requires diligence, care
NewsOK.com (subscription), OK - Dec 20, 2005 or sprays. The most commonly used prescription medicines are clotrimazole (Lotrimin) and terbinafine (Lamisil AT). With topical